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WACC Network

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You want to volunteer?

This online platform of exchanges aims to federate and connect those who desire to volunteer in the field of cervical cancer and HPV to those in need. And vice versa, WACC will help promote the projects and associations in search of volunteers.

The WACC International Network members can post here on line at special adverts to recruit volunteers for any type of health work related to cervical cancer and HPV, from near and far horizons. This is open to members of the WACC Network only.

Those interested in volunteering can propose their service online or write to [email protected] This is open to all.

The WACC foundation team will help in publicizing the open volunteer positions throughout its global WACC and DACC networks as well as to its partners, to medical societies, universities, public or private institutions from over 40 countries via its website, social networks, direct mails and newsletters.

This will offer a way for medical students, staff physicians and retired health professionals to travel the world participating in volunteering programs in low resource setting. Non medical professionals can also participate, depending on each project.

Practical information:

  • The participants commit as humanitarian volunteers. 
  • The expenses may or may not be covered by the hosting organization. 
  • The host organization must provide: a referee, decent accommodations, airport transfers and local setting. 
  • The host organization must communicate its project goal, its needs and prerequisites as well as the care environment clearly and honestly. 
  • The following information must also be provided: languages, know-how and professional expertise requirements, driving license, etc. 
  • The volunteer must also be informed about the work conditions and schedule: calendar of activities, support or financial assistance, type of care to be provided, material available (or lack of) and the tasks to be completed: psychological/emotional support to the patients, screening (to specify the technologies to be used), vaccination, treatment (to specify), training, public health education.

Insurance is the responsibility of each participating organization and actors involved, not of the WACC Foundation, which role is to interconnect actors, network and promote this Volunteers Platform.

The role of the WACC International Foundation is indeed to increase awareness of the need for qualified volunteers and help pass the word around the world from those who are in need to those who can help, and again vice versa.

The WACC team may delete posts that do not follow these principles or respect an ethical code of conduct.

Contact us if you wish to volunteer

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