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Welcome to WACC Network!

Women possess the unique talent of conceiving, developing, carrying and giving birth to new human lives. This valuable natural gift implies a responsibility to safeguard the women's health, and seek prevention and protection against diseases of the reproductive tract. Every woman shall consider that prevention is an allied for an active, healthy and long life. Furthermore, women are the primary health decision makers for themselves, their families and often for their communities.

Cervical cancer is the second most common feminine cancer worldwide, and the numbers of new cases diagnosed every year, as recognized by cancer registries, are showing increasing trends among many populations. In fact, it is now possible to successfully prevent a cancer that affects a large number of women, and we aim to make cervical cancer screening and vaccination accessible to all women. With prevention countless lives could be saved, and hundreds of thousands of women could avoid the physical and psychological suffering of a cervical cancer diagnosis. Therefore, women shall be empowered to protect themselves and their beloved, learning how to decrease the risks of cervical cancer and related diseases.

Women Against Cervical Cancer Network (WACC Network) is a Network of individuals, groups, institutions and organizations voluntarily engaged in women's health, as well as in cancer prevention, with the aim of saving women's lives and improving women's health globally. We are deeply concerned, and work to support health improvements and protect women against cervical cancer and related diseases throughout the world. We aim to achieve that by building and strengthening women's health education through information tools, conferences, events, and campaigns at national and international level.

Each member associated to the WACC Network recognizes the importance of and the need for:

  • International information sharing about the major causes of cervical cancer.
  • Universal education to inform women about risks of HPV infections and to engage them in actively seeking preventive care for cervical neoplasias.
  • Global Advocacy for equitable access to public prevention programs.

Health is a human right that, because of poverty, politics and limited resources for health and social services, remains inaccessible to many women. Our major goal is to inform, protect and mobilize women to a better prevention of cervical cancer. Only the effective prevention to diminish disease risks, the early detection, diagnosis and treatment of neoplasias will allow to successfully fighting cervical cancer.

Guided by a woman-centered, yet holistic vision of protecting women against cervical cancer, the WACCNetwork recognizes and respects the diverse realities of women's lives with no discrimination based on culture, race, age, language, religion, sexual orientation or physical ability. WACC Network, with an executive secretariat, based in Geneva, will support members of the Network to strengthen their own activities to reach our common goal of steadily decreasing the incidence rates of cervical diseases and cancer. We function today in English and French, and recognize the need to produce materials in other languages and alternative formats, as the network should spread to all countries where cervical cancer is a threat for women, their families and their communities.