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WACC Charter

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Terms and Conditions for Associations,
Organisations and Institutions to Join the Women Against Cervical Cancer International Network

Basis Document, Paris, May 2009 Revised June 30th, 2009


WACC is an international and independent non profit organisation gathering other non profit organisations serving one cause: the fight against cervical cancer. WACC is in essence a catalyst for women against cervical cancer and serves as an umbrella organisation to local structures, thereby connecting and supporting, never replacing.
By initiating and co-ordinating core projects, WACC can help member organisations to participate and share the benefits of activities that might be beyond the resources of individual organizations acting alone.

Chapter 1: The Commitments of the WACC Foundation

In accordance with WACC's missions - to Inform, educate, gather, act together, take actions - the founding fathers of the WACC Foundation commit to:

  • Promote information and education on cervical cancer prevention, which means providing educational material and helping the dissemination of knowledge in the field of cervical cancer prevention. 
  • Offer assistance to the WACC Network associations in their educative role and actions on cervical cancer prevention, through the WACC Taskforce: a group of renowned medical experts and leaders from the civil society who serve as guides, spokespersons and references. 
  • Provide bridging amongst associations and NGOs, from around the world, engaged in the fight against cervical cancer - and encourage best practice and knowledge sharing through a digital platform of information and regular gatherings of the Network.

Chapter 2: The Four Principles of the WACC Foundation Governance

  • The Foundation welcomes all associations and organisations to the WACC Network that actively serve the cause and comply with the corresponding regulations - without discrimination and irrespective of race, religion or political affiliations. 
  • WACC observes neutrality and impartiality in ways to fight cervical cancer and to educate about the disease and means of protection. Independent governance of the WACC Foundation is guaranteed by a scientific steering committee of different international backgrounds and expertise. 
  • The Foundation engages in transparency and commits to yearly reporting. 
  • Finally, the WACC Foundation and all related members commit to respect the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, whose primary right regards health protection, as well as the European Charter of Patient's Rights, which starts with the right to preventive measures.

Chapter 3: Terms for Organisations to Join the WACC International Network

The WACC International Network ranges from patient support and advocacy groups to professional and non-governmental associations in the fields of cancer, gynaecology, women's health and public health promotion and education. It is also open to individuals and Foundations. Members of the WACC Network help the women in their countries, identifying what is lacking in current educational initiatives and where efforts are most needed to better prevent cervical cancer.

Guided by the vision of a world where all women are informed about human papillomavirus (HPV), its associated diseases and the means to prevent cervical cancer, - so women can make informed choices - members of the WACC Network must therefore engage in education, advocacy and communication serving the cause of cervical cancer prevention.

Education about the disease and methods of prevention and control is the very first obligation of any member of the WACC International Network, through the elaboration of public education programs; relaying WACC messages and tools; training of ambassadors to spread the word on cervical cancer prevention; or reaching out to school educators and nurses.

The promotion of cervical cancer education and prevention at an institutional and political level is also fundamental to serving WACC's missions, may it be at local, regional or national levels. Communication, as part of the informative role of WACC, is another fundamental aspect that associations and organisation members of the WACC International Network must engage in. As all experts agree that informed women choose prevention, pitching to the media, spreading the word or organising special events to raise awareness of the WACC cause is a necessary step towards cervical cancer prevention and control.

Chapter 4: Conditions to Join the WACC International Network

The first condition to be accepted into the International Network regards interaction with other members. WACC members are invited to participate and play an active role in the Network for example: transfer the WACC newsletter to their own members, submit stories, link sites - as well as give their input and feedback.

Members are not only requested to use WACC tools and available resources, but also share their best practices, tools and ideas with other members of the Network - this in order to have the lessons learned and progress achieved in places of the world to help many other women's health elsewhere.

The second condition to fulfil is to engage in transparency and ethics. Members of the WACC International Network are expected to observe compliance with their local code of ethics and regulations currently in place, in their country, or within the European Union for the 27 members involved. Members are also cordially expected to inform the WACC Foundation Bureau ([email protected]) or the WACC Taskforce of their actions when linked or resulting from WACC meetings, initiatives or simply using WACC tools or resources.

Chapter 5: Terms of Use Regarding the WACC Logo

Members are invited to use the WACC logo to show their support to the cause and belonging to the International Network, as well as to become digitally linked on the Internet. However, the use of the WACC logo as a label on tools and messages other than those delivered by the WACC platform needs the approval from the Foundation Bureau or from a local or international WACC Taskforce member ([email protected]).

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