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2010 WACC International AWARD (MONACO - February 18th, 2010)

Request for Entries

The 2010 WACC International Award is open to all associations, organisations or institutions members of the Women Against Cervical Cancer (WACC) Network. Organisations involved in the fight against cervical cancer and HPV diseases, that wish to participate but that are not yet members of WACC may simply join, after reading and approving the WACC Charter.

The WACC Foundation, in line with its fundamental missions and cause against cervical cancer, will reward again in 2010 the best education or information campaigns with 2 grants of 5 000 € each (total grants of ten thousand euros).

  1. One prize will reward 5 000 € to a women's initiative or a patient association in its effort to inform, to educate, to help prevent women from cervical cancer 
  2. Another prize will reward 5 000 € to an organisation involving medical project, training or information to the professionals for their patients

The winning campaigns may consist of one or many actions or tools, of any kind of medium, digital, broadcast or print. It may be regional or national. It may be a campaign for patients only, for all women or for the general public. It may be implemented and over, in which case the prize shall help continue the action. The campaign may be running or simply planned for the future, in which case the prize shall help it come true.

Contest criteria:

  • Global approach of prevention 
  • Fieldwork with concrete actions 
  • Measurable results of impact 
  • If sponsored, the campaign should have multiple financing or partnerships

The presentation of your project shall include your goals and intentions, a short situation analysis, your focused targets, your programme of actions and fieldwork, the tools and the outcome. Key learning on success and difficulties are also requested.

The 2010 WACC Award edition will be presided by Pr. Javier Cortes (Spain) and the jury will be composed of the WACC International Task Force members including Joseph Monsonego (France), Pamela Morton (UK).

Practical information:
Project are to be submitted via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The project must be presented in English language. The campaign tools using national language other than English may simply have a short presentation of the claim, messages and purposes. The document used for the presentation shall be presented in a PDF format, or Word format or Power Point format. Images and videos are encouraged.

Deadline: the documents needs to be sent by email by December 10th 2009. The deadline for sending the project by regular postal mail is November 10th 2009, for logistical reasons.

A confirmation of reception will be send after each arrival of project at the WACC bureau. If you don't get this message, it will mean that we did not receive your project.

The final winner will be informed at the third WACC Network meeting in Monaco on February 18th 2010. 50 % of the award will be allocated following the announcement of the winner (this prize will be handed over at the WACC Charity Gala dinner in Monaco). The other 50 % will be allocated after completion of the winning project and receipt of the report.

NB : The campaigns of the 2008 WACC award nominees are available on