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Who is concerned?
All women, as well as men, touched one way or another by cervical cancer, by HPV and all its related anogenital diseases can participate and share their experience with the virus or the illness: cancer survivors, patients, parents, friends, and also doctors or other health practitioners, from all nations. Your testimonial may concern a cancer battle, the removal of pre-cancerous lesions, an abnormal pap smear, a positive HPV test, the fear for a relative or friend, or a patient support ...

Why share with other women?
Your testimonial will help
- other women and men understand better what it is you are facing
- break the silence, face the taboos and share impressions, questions, fears, emotions
- empower women to make informed choices about their health, about their sexual life, about their desire to become a mother one day
- shout the injustice and confront what should not be a fatality
- so more women can feel less alone, so more partners can find the words or a way to help face the HPV infection, so more families can protect their loved ones.

Said out loud, brought onto the public arena, these emotional and physiological experiences will help the fight against HPV and related cancers thus helping accelerate its eradication. This is to help raise awareness on HPV and related diseases but also to promote available means of prevention and detection.

Your testimonial can be short or long, signed or anonymous, in your own language or in English. It can also be illustrated. Do not hesitate to add your titles, positions, blogs, site or other wished information.

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