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Sign The WACC Manifesto

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Women Against Cervical Cancer Manifesto

Worldwide, year after year, 500.000 lives are threatened by cervical cancer. Half die.

Each minute that it takes you to read these lines, one woman is diagnosed with cervical cancer worldwide. Questions, fear and pain all begin.

We, supporters of the Women Against Cervical Cancer Manifesto, share a vision: a world where all women are informed about human papillomavirus (HPV), its associated diseases, and how to prevent and control cervical cancer, so they can make informed choices and take action to eliminate the diseases. Cervical screening and HPV vaccination are the two prominent options that, when combined , can ensure better disease prevention and healthcare solutions. WACC, through all its supporters and its international network of associations shall advocate for their due and equitable implementation.

In every country numerous lives could be saved, and thousands of women could avoid the physical and psychological suffering linked to the treatment.

“For the first time in medical history, a cancer can be eradicated together by screening and by vaccination. Yet the road is long before full implementation and compliance to available prevention is reached! For the sake of women's health, we as individuals, associations, doctors, institutions... we all need to mobilize ourselves towards this ultimate goal. At WACC, we are committed to lead this battle as long as necessary. Be part of the action and join us: sign the WOMEN AGAINST CERVICAL CANCER Manifesto!”  Joseph Monsonego, President of Eurogin (European Research Organization on Genital Infection and Neoplasia), President of the WACC Foundation

Cervical cancer is not a fatal disease!

For the first time in history, medical technologies of cervical screening and HPV vaccination can now lead to effective prevention of cervical cancer - which today still continues to be the second most common cancer worldwide among women under 45.

The half million new cases registered yearly worldwide, the 280.000 deaths, the millions of hospitalizations and surgical interventions, as well as the immeasurable emotional pain caused, can be avoided. There is considerable unspoken psychological and emotional impact on the lives of patients and their families, in addition to financial implications, that should not be forgotten either.

With this WACC manifesto, for the first time, women are mobilizing to express their willingness and engagement to fight together and eradicate this female cancer.

“Taking our health and our destiny into our own hands, and protecting the future generations, is part of a personal and collective responsibility. As we wish to be active and respond to this challenge, we decided to give our time and our energy to convince other women, our daughters and our neighbors, as well as public health professionals, in order to put all means in place to prevent this cancer.” Katharina , a Woman Against Cervical Cancer.

WOMEN AGAINST CERVICAL CANCER promote health education, information and prevention to all as well as support for patients or women who survived cervical cancer, who are the best ambassadors of Our Cause. The WACC initiative aims to increase the awareness of disease among all concerned stakeholders in order to facilitate access to cervical screening and HPV vaccination programs for all women as appropriate. WACC objectives are two fold: to inform the public about the causes of cervical cancer, and to avoid stigmatization of human papillomavirus infections, that can cause these pre-malignant and malignant lesions.

All these tools are now available, so let's...

  • Inform women, from adolescence onwards, about the risks of human papillomavirus infections and that persistent infections are responsible for pre-malignant lesions and for cervical cancers 
  • Promote vaccination of girls 
  • Encourage organized, regular and effective screening programs for adult women, and throughout their active life 
  • Disseminate the knowledge that new technologies are available and shall be accessible to all women, with no discrimination of culture, religion and social status in order to guarantee equity when facing disease

WACC counts on the mobilization of women worldwide

Cervical cancer prevention, together through HPV vaccination and screening, deserve our combined mobilization efforts.

1. Mobilize for knowledge and understanding

  • Of human papillomavirus common infections and its consequences 
  • As well as the challenges of HPV vaccination, regular screening and when necessary , HPV testing 
  • Providing the most accurate information helps limit psychological damage and avoids stigma. And not only that, informed women choose prevention

2. Mobilize for solidarity and care

  • Each woman should follow regular cervical screening and ensure HPV vaccination of young girls, ideally before sexual debut 
  • Each woman should share information to encourage others to seek prevention through HPV vaccination and regular screening 
  • Neglecting prevention is the major cause for cervical cancer disease

3. Mobilize for social responsibility and health education

  • Asking public health authorities and education actors to play their role and help disseminate clear messages on cervical cancer prevention using appropriate educational tools to all women, including those with low access to health care
  • Promoting individual and social responsibility to improve women's compliance to screening and vaccination
  • Information on prevention and screening shall not be limited to gynecological control visits

4. Mobilize for fair access to prevention

  • Favor screening programs that provide smear tests to all women, irrespective of a gynecological visit
  • Provide access to HPV vaccination at lower costs to all women under 26 years old
  • Complement cervical smear test with HPV testing to all women over 30 providing reimbursement or some financial assistance
  • All women should have access to quality treatment when medically indicated

Become a supporter of Women Against Cervical Cancer

Spread the word

  • Share with your surrounding community the information on cervical cancer prevention 
  • Refer to our newly launched digital information platform, but always ensure you refer to a health professional when needed
  • Become an on-line activist : Sign as WACC : I am a supporter of Women against Cervical Cancer -use our logo ; post our link on your blog...
  • Forward the WACC newsletter to your online social network

Volunteer and engage yourself in field actions

  • Organise meetings and promote WACC cause in your community, schools, clubs...
  • Use and distribute WACC tools to help raise disease awareness in your work place, in your private and family circle, in order to raise awareness of prevention and screening benefit for better health protection

Keep informed

  • Sign up for the free WACC newsletter and visit our digital platform of information and resources regularly

Join us and sign the WACC manifesto

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The Women Against Cervical Cancer (WACC) Network is an international network of voluntary organisations, institutions, NGOs, foundations and individuals committed to the fight against cervical cancer. The WACC community was launched in November 2008 under the auspices of EUROGIN (European Research Organization on Genital Infection and Neoplasia), the leading international multidisciplinary organisation involved in research, training, screening, prevention and information concerning genital infections, pre-cancers and cancers in women. WACC now includes about 50 associations and institutions from all over the world (20 countries, 5 continents). The newly borne community gathers half a million members and continues to expand. The women and patients outreached potentially, through different means of information, are estimated to 16 million.

At WACC, we are committed to encourage and support - and not replace - other projects, organizations or societies. While respecting other initiatives, we will work with determination and independency.

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